Project reports

Dunphy, K., da Silva, I., Valentim, J., dos Santos, M., Caetano, W.,  Lopes, T., Pereira, N., Pichler, L., Schauble, H., no Dunphy Toumbourou, T.  (2016).">Prezervasaun Espresaun Kultura Fataluku Ne’ebé Atu Sai Lakon, in Smith, da Silva, Mendes, Ximenes, Fernandes & Leach, (eds). Refereed proceedings of the Timor-Leste Studies Association’s Conference 9-10 July 2015. Melbourne: Timor Leste Studies Association. 

Project report and documentation (as of December 2015) available here 

Peskiza kona ba prezervasaun kultura fataluku ne’ebe ameaasadu atu lakon, Research about the endangered cultural heritage of the Fataluk people, Presentation by Ildefonso da Silva at Timor-Leste Studies Association Conference, July 2015.  PDF in Tetun; Powerpoint in Tetun; Conference paper Tetun/ English

Ekspresaun Kultura Fataluku nebe atu sei lakon,  Presentation at Timor-Leste Studies Association Conference, Dili, July 2013, Justino Valentim and research team.

Fataluku Cultural Heritage Research Project, Presentation at Lautem Festival seminar, Lospalos, April 2013, by Justino Valentim and research team. Program / photos

Exhibition of photos of performing groups, costumes and performance props, Lautem Cultural Festival, April 2013.

Employing Young People in Community Cultural Development, Presentation at Australian Council for International Development Conference: ‘Reframing the Youth Bulge: From Problem to Solution’, Canberra, May 3, 2013, Samantha Cooper for Many Hands International and Australia Red Cross (Australian Volunteer International Development Program).

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