Creative home reading project

MHI has partnered with Deakin University and the Ministry of Education to deliver a creative home reading project, intended to advance healthy family relationships and educational outcomes. In January and February, MHI and partners delivered a series of creative and educational workshops in Alieu, Bobonaro and Emera. The workshops included story time and creative classes for early primary school children, where children created illustrations for a series of four children’s books that focuses on the content of four positive change messages:
• home reading as an enjoyable shared family activity
• positive discipline for children
• happy family relationships
• smoke-free home.

Coinciding with these creative classes, informative workshops for the children’s parents on the health and wellbeing topics addressed in the books were facilitated by Simao Rosario and Afonso Soares (Ministry of Education staff and Deakin University Education Fellows). This project addresses several significant areas of development for Timor-Leste; low literacy for all ages; high rates of family violence; punitive discipline practices by parents and teachers; high rates of smoking, including in the home. MHI and partners will continue to deliver this project with further workshops anticipated to be held in the Lautem district in late 2018 and 2019.

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