Galeria Arte Vida (Art as Life Gallery)

The Centro Cultura Lautem has a small art gallery that holds regular exhibitions focussing on promoting cultural heritage and local creativity. 

The gallery is usually open 9-5 pm, Monday to Friday, but we are happy to open at other times on request. Contact our office (670) 7799 7661 or

July-August 2016: Kultura no Dame (Culture of Peace) exhibition features artsworks by students of MHI's Youth Arts Program

2015-2016: Connecting contemporary cultural practices with ancient rock art. This exhibition was the result of a research project that sought to map intangible cultural heritage practices associated with rock art sites.

2013: Photographic exhibition: Cultural performers of Lautem District, presented as part of the Festival Kultura Lautem, 2013. Perhaps the first art exhibition ever held in the region.

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