Labarik husi Afalyca Baucau Exhibition: Children’s Artwork from Afalyca School in Timor-Leste

Monday 12/09/11 - Sunday 25/09/11

MHI is pleased to be working with Gallery Sunshine Everywhere to present Labarik Husi Afalyca Baucau, an exhibition of children's art from Timor-Leste. The artwork presented was created by young children working at one of the very few community art centres in Timor Leste, Afalyca Community Arts School, in the town of Baucau. Centre Director Marqy da Costa and colleagues Luis da Costa have worked with children in a range of visual art mediums, including pencil drawings, paintings, shadow drawings and still life. The work is simple and fresh, while still providing a strong sense of Timor through representations of important national symbols, especially the uma lulik, Timor-Leste's evocative sacred houses. It also provides a great sense of hope for the future as children explore their ideas and dreams in a creative way, led by these enterprising young community leaders. Afalyca's staff, Marqy and Luis, see the potential of art for their community: to generate income, to inspire the creative development of young people,  to promote peace and co-operation between Timorese people of different backgrounds, to help women become more empowered and as a powerful means of communication across cultures. They present this work in this positive spirit. Gallery Sunshine Everywhere is a lovely gallery-in-a-cafe that is dedicated to children's art. The gallery is an initiative of Maureen Ryan, Professor of Education from Victoria University, who recognises the need for children to have opportunities for artistic expression and exposure.

We welcome your visit to this very special exhibition.

Launch: 3 pm, Saturday 17 September

Exhibition dates: 12-25 September, 8 am -5 pm daily

Where: Gallery Sunshine, Granary Cafe, 2 Devonshire Rd, Sunshine or visit online at

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