Conference: Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills for Timor-Leste’s Development

Monday 04/07/11 - Tuesday 05/07/11

Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills for Timor-Leste's Development conference (Dili), organised by Victoria University and National University of Timor-Lorosa’e, to be held in Dili, at the Dili Convention Centre, Mercado Lama, on Monday and Tuesday 4-5 July 2011. This will be a policy-oriented conference focussing on case studies of good practice, with invited speakers and participation by the Timorese government, the National University, Timorese civil society, Members of Parliament and other interested groups. For further information about that conference, contact Dr Helen Hill

On the weekend between these two conferences (Saturday and Sunday 2-3 July) a number of Expos will take place in Dili with exhibits by local organisations on the conference themes of Agriculture & Rural Livelihoods, Health, Teaching and Learning, Youth Transitions, Financial Inclusion & Trade, Infrastructure & National Systems, and Law & Justice.

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