Seeking your support for our ‘Music Creation School Holiday Program’ at the Lautem Cultural Centre

In 2020, MHI is running school holiday activities to enable young people to learn a range of creative art forms, lead by professional Timorese artists. Week-long workshops in previous years have included digital imagery and painting on glass and performing arts. Each workshop series concludes with a community event, allowing students to celebrate their creative achievements with their families and the wider community.  

The program aims to inspire creative expression, develop diverse creative skills among youth, increase the economic wellbeing of local professional artists, offer opportunities for community and family members to gain new insight and understanding of the challenges experienced by their young people, and increase a sense of community belonging for all involved. 

Our 2020 holiday program will be focussed on music creation. Funds raised will cover costs of equipment, materials and performance expenses for the final show. Most importantly, the money will ensure that the local professional artists who will facilitate the project receive a fair salary and travel allowance in order to share their skills and knowledge with young people living in remote areas.

We need an additional income of $2500 to make this program happen. We invite you to support this program by making a donation. We welcome contributions large and small.

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