Visiting Artist School Holiday Program August 2018: Theatre Workshop and Performance with Lena

Monday 13/08/18 - Friday 17/08/18

During the August school holidays, MHI hosted visiting performance artist, Lena Caminha from Teatro Timor. For five days Lena worked with young local students from the MHI Creative Arts Program to create a theatre performance to showcase at a special community event. Four short performance pieces were created including a story about kids spending all their time on Facebook and missing out on fun opportunities in the community; a story about early teen pregnancy and the importance of education for girls; a story about Barlake; and a comedy stint. These themes were brainstormed by the students and Lena worked from their stories to create the performances. Students engaged in the visual arts program created a stunning backdrop for the final show that drew a large crowd of parents, family members and the broader community. 

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