MHI Team Leader, Nelinha Pereira receives a Matadalan Ba Malu scholarship to study in Australia

Monday 10/09/18

From September-November 2018, MHI Team Leader, Nelinha Pereira will be studying in Melbourne at RMIT English Worldwide, having received a Matadalan Ba Malu scholarship.

The MBM scholarship targets women working within a community context or local organisation in Timor-Leste and who would benefit from high-quality English training and the experience of a cross-cultural exchange in Melbourne Australia. The learning and experience gained through the program are also designed to benefit the participant’s community in a number of ways, including the transference of new found skills and knowledge, promoting mutual understanding between East-Timorese and Australian communities, and an enhanced capacity to facilitate and negotiate local development activities and opportunities on returning home. A key objective of the program is to consider candidates who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to learn English and benefit from the experiences of living in another country for a period of time.

We are delighted to welcome Nelinha to Melbourne and congratulate her on her success.

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