MyCause campaign to support young people’s art participation: Grandparents’ Portrait project

Friday 10/03/17

Australian grandmother Annette Dunphy is running a MyCause campaign to support Many Hands young peoples' arts participation program. Annette wants to help children of rural Timor have opportunities like her grandchildren do, to express their creativity, develop skills and knowledge, learn to work and create with others and develop their sense of belonging to Timor's unique culture.  The first project this year is 'Avo (Grandparents) Portraits' where the young people will develop their painting skills by undertaking portraits of their grandparents, or other elders in the community.  MHi expects that this will also improve inter-generational relationships and offer older adults a new insight into the capacities and talents of their young people.  

We encourage you to help make a better brighter future for Timor,  by supporting our work to stimuate the minds and imaginations of young people: donate here.  FInd out more about our previous work with young people here

Image: Portrait of a grandmother by program participant

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