New articles published: on Fataluku culture and children’s playgrounds

Friday 26/08/16

The MHI team were proud to achieve new milestones this month with published articles that were the first for most team members to have contributed to. The proceedings of the Timor Leste Studies Association Conference in 2015, Timor Leste: the Local, the Regional, the Global, published by Swinburne Press as a hard copy book in four languages was launched this month in Melbourne and Dili.  

The MHI team documented their work in two separate projects in articles in these books: research work on endangered elements of cultural heritage of the Fataluku people and creative spaces for children to play.

Dunphy, K., da Silva, I., Valentim, J., dos Santos, M.M., Caetano, F., Lopes, T., Pereira, N., Pichler, L., Schauble, H., & Toumbourou, T.D. (2016). Prezervasaun Espresaun Kultura Fataluku Ne’ebé Atu Sai Lakon (Preservation of Fataluku endangered cultural heritage).

Nash, J. and da Silva. Fatin hodi halimar iha Timor-Leste: Projetu halimar fatin Lospalos. (Places for creative play in Timor-Leste: a project to design a play space in Lospalos.

These proceeding are available for sale from and for loan from libraries and institutions in Timor.

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