New Volunteer Opportunity: Youth Arts Program Mentor

Wednesday 03/07/13

MHI currently has a position for a Youth Arts Program Mentor to work with our team in Lospalos. The volunteer will increase the capacity of MHI to develop youth arts programs. To achieve this, the volunteer will work with staff to undertake a community consultation to determine needs and interests, identify local tutors and mentors, develop an annual activity plan and budget and plan and market programs and events for young people. To increase the capacity of staff to manage these programs, the volunteer will conduct an assessment of existing staff skills in a number of areas. The volunteer will conduct appropriate trainings for staff on topics that might include effective youth leadership, arts technical skills and public speaking. Finally, the volunteer will work with MHI to strengthen cultural sharing opportunities between community members and tourists. The volunteer will work with staff to create public events based on the youth arts program that aim to provide skills development opportunities for young community members. The volunteer will also develop training programs for young people that might cover such areas as performance skills, choreography and costume design.

To find out more about the position and how to apply, CLICK HERE.

Applications close 21 July 2013.

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