Visiting musician Lina Andonovska as Asialink resident, November-February 2015

MHI was delighted to host talented international performer Lina Andonovska in Timor-Leste between November 2015 and January 2016, as part of a prestigious Asialink residency, connecting Australian artists with communities in Asia.

Lina came to Timor directly from a highly acclaimed tour of the UK and Europe, where she had been playing flute as a member of the Crash Ensemble. Lina has worked with MHI in Timor-Leste twice before, first in 2011 as a student of the Australian National Academy of Music, when she supported our first Asialink resident Gillian Howell, and then in 2013 when she accompanied MHI Director Kim Dunphy on a workshop and performing tour of Ainaro district.

Lina's residency included workshops with children in Kakavei village, Lautem district and collaboration with traditional oi-oil flute player Sr Henrique Lopes in Malahara, Lautem district. She also presented contemporary flute works in a variety of performance situations, including at the Lautem Cultural Centre stage as part of the November 28 celebrations. She contributed to MHI's Fataluku culture research project, offering technical information about musical instruments that expanded the project's findings.

The main focus of Lina's residency was a collaboration with Timorese musician Savio Freitas, where LIna shared her skills in music theory and performance, and Savio shared his knowledge of Timorese traditional music.  This project culminated in sold out concert at Fundacao Oriente, Dili. In addiiton to sharing musical expertise across cultures, the concert also raised funds for Savio's new music school in Dili, Safrei.  Savio was able to buy a range of instruments for his students that would otherwise have been out of reach. Lina also donated a range of musical instruments and theory books for the school that she brought from Australia from musician colleagues.

Savio was grateful to LIna and MHI for this support, commenting that: 

Dear Mana Kim,

Thanks so much for your help. It was indeed a beautiful experience to collaborate with Lina. It was also a valuable opportunity for us to have a cross cultural communication, Timor and Australia, and for me to learn so much about music from Lina. I am also really grateful for you and your organization, Many Hands, for the donations (musical instruments and books) and  making this concert come true. Again, obrigado barak Mana Kim ba ajuda mos.

Savio Freitas, Director, Safrei Music School

More information: media releases: 25.11.15 8.1.16; 20.1.16.  Concert flyer English/ Tetun

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