Staff in Timor-Leste

Staff in Timor-Leste

 Team Leader: Nelinha Pereira 

Nelinha studied Public Health at the University of Timor Leste, then worked at PLAN International for five years in Hygiene Promotion and as a Youth Trainer and Mentor in the youth development program Buka Moris.  She has worked for MHI since 2012, managing the office and supprting our projects. In 2016, she takes on a new role as Team Leader. 
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  Health Promotion Officer - Tobacco Use Prevention: Thomas Lopes

Thomas has worked for MHI since 2010, in various roles including interpreter, project assistant and most recently as Health Promotion Officer. He studied at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 and 2015, developing new skills in English language, health promotion and research. He continued his English training at Lorosa’e English Language Institute in Timor-Leste in 2015. Previously he worked in the forest industry in Indonesia in various roles in Berau District, East Kalimantan.  Upon the Restoration of Independence in 2002, Thomas returned to Timor Leste. He has since worked for various NGOs in the area of Children’s Rights (collaboration with UNICEF, local youth and Chefe de Sucos) and Women’s Empowerment, in the Lautem District. Thomas is also actively involved in the Seventh Day Adventist mission in the Lautem District in gospel ministry and training. Contact Thomas:


  Special Projects Officer: Idlefonso da Silva

Ilde is a graduate of the National University of Timor Leste, where he obtained his degree in Political Science.  He has been a member of a local cultural performance group and is a highly skilled soccer player. Before working at MHI, Ilde ran a training program for local youth.  Since 2012 he has been employed at MHI on a range of projects including Fatauku Research project, the Lautem festival, the children's playground project and most recently research on the relationship between ancient rock art and contemporary cultural practices in Tutuala district. Contact Ilde:

Youth Arts Program Officer: Cesario de Lourdes

Cesario came to Many Hands after more than a decade of association with Arte Moris school and gallery in Dili, as a talented visual artist and teacher. Cesario's works appear all over Timor, including at Hotel Esplanada where they grace tabletops, and offer interesting vistas in the garden. Cesario has been leading the Youth Arts Program at Many Hands since August 2015. His most recent big work in Lospalos is a giant mural in the main street, that was made with members of his program. Contact Cesario:


MHI  in-country volunteers

In 2018 MHI welcomes a new volunteer to the Lautem Cultura Centre. Nicola (Nicky) Brown is undertaking a volunteer assignment in Lospalos where she takes on the role of Family Relationships Mentor, working with our Health Promotions Officer, Thomas Lopes. Nicky is a registered counsellor and has extensive experience working with groups, including school students and individual clients. From 2009 to 2011 Nicky volunteered with VSA in Cambodia as a Shelter Services Management Adviser. In this role she mentored counsellors at the Center for the Protection of the Children’s Rights (CCPCR), assisting them to work with people who had experienced trauma. 



MHI colleagues and contractors:

Director, Sanggar Haburas Dance Group and Zumba Program leader:  Humbelina Khey Gandara

Khey had been a longstanding community cultural leader, running Lospalos-based cultural group Sanggar Haburas over more than a decade. These lovely young performers have collaborated with Many Hands on a number of projects including dance for health and wellbeing in 2013 and Our Culture, Many Different Stories project in 2012.  Khey was one of twelve Timorese women who participated in a study tour on Women's empowerment and combating gender violence through culture and media, in July 2015, organised by Erika Goldsmith, her dance group Kinetic Collective and Griffith University, Queensland. Khey and colleagues developed skills in a range performance modailities including dance, theatre, singing and film-making.  She also had the opportunity to tavel to Indonesia in early 2015 to be trained as a Zumba dance program leader, supported by MHI and Zumba Dili. Khey was employed by Many Hands as Festival Co-ordinator for the Lautem Cultural Festival between 2012 and 2013, and she continues to collaborate with MHI through her Zumba program in the Lautem Cultural Centre.

 Film editor and photographer: Walter Frederico Caetano

Rico started his working life in Dili as a distributor for a Chinese drug company and continued as administrator for the distribution of products across Timor Leste.  In 2006, Rico was a District Coordinator for recruitment of Election Observers in the Lautem District.  He has also worked on a Child Rights Monitoring Project for schools and, through drama activities, promoting to the Lautem sub-districts Timor Leste’s participation in the Human Rights Convention. Rico now contracts for Many Hands as a film editor and photographer.

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