Our policies

Many Hands International is working to develop policies that ensure our work is of the highest standard and maximises positive outcomes for Timorese community members.

All our activities are smoke-free, recognising the importance of good health for Timor's future.

Child Protection Policy

MHI recognises its legal and moral duty to ensure the safety and security of children from risk of abuse whilst participating in our programs. Our organisation, all staff and others involved in our work agree to abide by our Child Protection Policy that is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  English version  Tetun version

Counter-Terrorism Policy

This policy articulates Many Hands International’s commitment to avoid involvement in terrorist activities, avoid supporting terrorism and avoid working with organisations that support terrorism. A Counter-Terrorism Policy is necessary to ensure Many Hands International and Australian funds and resources are not being used, directly or indirectly, to support terrorist activities and to provide a clear guide on what to do if terrorist activity is suspected. More broadly, such a policy will maintain Many Hands International’s and Australia’s ability to support sustainable development and reputation in delivering sustainable overseas aid, as well as ensure continued community support for overseas aid projects.

Human Rights Policy

This policy articulates Many Hands International’s commitment and responsibilities to the promotion of human rights in the workplace and its development programs in recognition that the achievement of human rights is fundamental to development. 

Our in-country partners, the State Secretariat for Art, Tourism and Culture support and uphold our policies through all our operations at the Lautem Cultural Centre. A letter of support from our partners is provided below.

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