Where We Work

We currently work in Timor-Leste, a culturally and environmentally rich country with more than thirty language groups and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. After nearly five centuries as a Portuguese colony and twenty-four years under brutal occupation by Indonesia (during which one third of the population died as a direct consequence), Timor-Leste faces a number of development challenges. This may be seen in its ranking as the poorest South-East Asia nation and one of the poorest in the world. We hope to contribute to overcoming the challenges faced by Timor-Leste by working with the strengths of the country and supporting communities to build community health and wellbeing through the celebration and development of their cultural assets.

Our work primarily takes place in the capital city Dili, and three of the thirteen districts of Timor-Leste, Lautem, Baucau and Ainaro.

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