Fataluku children's book project, 2012-2013

Natasha Trenear, a University of Melbourne cultural material conservation student, who lived and worked with MHI in Lospalos in 2012 created two children's picture books during her stay. The books were developed with the support of Kids’ Own Publishing, using stories and artwork Natasha created with members of the local community. They are written in the local language of Fataluku and reflect local themes and images: Prezepiu (the colourful nativities that feature in Timorese gardens at Christmas time) and Pasar Ilukukuni Mahina (colours, as shown in fruits and vegetables at the market). 

2500 copies of the books were distributed by UNESCO in 2013 to communiites across Lautem District, and the books are now available under a Creative Commons licence so that they can be freely reproduced. MHI welcomes enquiries from organisations wishing to support childrens' literacy, especially in mother tongue languages. We'e happy to produce and distribute more of these books at any time. 

The project was supported by a CCRAG grant from the University of Melbourne and complements our First Language First book publishing project undertaken in partnership with Alola Foundation and Kids' Own Publishing.

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